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Emerald Platform OAN Access for Richfield

by Yeshmikka Pritheelal -

Dear Students

We are pleased to provide you with an access code which enables username and password access to Emerald.

This method is used for remote access only. At campus there is access through IP address authentication.

Also access through Moodle with the referring Emerald URL Link.

To activate, new users will need to register a profile on the Emerald platform and then enter the below Organizational Activation Number (OAN) when prompted. If a user profile already exists then, once signed in, they will be able to link the OAN directly to their profile.

OAN: 979570121977812

When sharing the above OAN, please include the attached instructions

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information or assistance.



Richfield - Book-lists for 2020

by Yeshmikka Pritheelal -

Attention Students

Kindly find attached  Book-lists for 2020 for the following programmes

  • Postgraduate studies - BSc Honors and PGDM
  •  Higher Certificate in Business Administration 1 Year
  • Diploma in Business Administration 3 Year
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Year 
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Administration  1 Year
  •  Higher Certificate in Office Administration 1 Year
  • Bachelor of Commerce 3 Year
  • Advanced Certificate in Commerce 1 Year


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